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There is much to be gained from being a member of the PCCC:

You will get, a three monthly full colour copy of our 20 page magazine “Hoot & Pass” with articles about historic caravans, activities, international and national events, what’s happening within the club and much more.

We can help advise on  restoration and locating parts and materials.


Our club Historian can assist in identifying, dating and tracing the background to your caravan.

You have free public liability insurance to attend any event with your classic or vintage caravan

We organise our own social rallies and throughout the year we are invited to attend steam rallies, car shows and country fairs and have a full programme from spring through to Autumn.

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This site will give you all you need about our club and how to join. Also lots of information about vintage and classic caravans and their restoration

Our Club

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In October 1982 a few vintage caravan enthusiasts gathered together in the front room of a house, and while partaking in afternoon tea, so enthusiastic and full of high spirits they got down to the basics of forming a Classic Caravan Club. Several people had talked about forming a Vintage/Classic Caravan Club for some years. Some of the questions being discussed were: What will the name of the Club be? What will the annual fee be? What rallies will be held? And how many Committee Members are needed? These were points raised by everyone attending. The meeting took about 4½ hours. 

A few years prior to that meeting, a man called John Ellis, was attending Steam Rallies up and down the country, and owned Winchester caravans and a brass business. It was through conversations with him that gave several people inspiration to go ahead and do something positive , starting a club catering for, vintage vans and 50s/60s vans,


It was sad that John Ellis’ untimely death happened back in the 1980s – John was responsible for designing the Club’s brass car badge taken from his 1950s Winchester. This design went on to become the Club logo.

Over the last thirty years the Club has seen many people come and go and many friends have been made. Today we have a strong, thriving Period & Classic Caravan Club, due to the keenness, willingness and dedication of the Club members. This continues to make the Period & Classic Caravan Club a success.

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